List is a project that began with a list of names. Designed to evolve in unforeseen ways, the project is driven by encounters and exchanges and the materials and ideas they produce.

List/01 consists of an placed object (objective matrix – etched and chromed brass plate on painted mdf base), and a sent letter (100 printed letters on purpose made stationery). The object appeared as an artwork entitled ‘List’, shown at the RHA Annual Exhibition, RHA Gallagher Gallery, Dublin, 11 Nov – 13 Dec, 2008. Once engaged the viewer might ask – what is the list, who is on it, who isn’t, why is it here, will it appear somewhere else? The list began as part of another project and then I became interested in the list itself. Those listed and directly engaged with make up an audience. There are other audiences, determined by how and where List appears. Ideas relating to permission, ownership, and identity, come up. These seem important because they influence value and meaning.

List operates by insinuation, its effects perceptible within given contexts.
In the context of the RHA one list was placed inside another.