A Catalyst Taxi

A Catalyst Taxi / Five Lamps Festival
Graham & Gilbourne -24th April 2010
A Catalyst Taxi is a collaborative project with artist Rachael Gilbourne.

Facilitating physical interactions with people and places, ‘Graham & Gilbourne’ invite you to take a ride in, ‘A Catalyst Taxi’. ‘ … for the person you’ve been meaning to call on, for the place you’ve been meaning to visit, for the do’s that remain undone …’

The physical movement of a journey shifts our minds as well as our bodies, we move towards something, and our thoughts seem to quicken as the journey gathers momentum.

Each passenger decides to where or to whom we are traveling. A Catalyst Taxi was presented as an element of Gatekeeper Project, curated by Naomi Sex. The Five lamps Festival is based around the ‘Five Lamps’ area of inner city Dublin.