Action (C4-01)

Action (C4-01) – Felicity Clear

Felicity sent me a drawing with a letter attached. Perhaps I would send her a drawing by return. August 2009 …

‘Return To Sender’
Felicity mentioned John Berger, and wrote something about, ‘… operative drawings’. I wasn’t sure if I understood her idea. The package remained on my shelf for a while. Eventually I thought I would place an acetate sheet over her drawing and make my own marks on top, literally building my work on top of hers. That made sense because Felicity makes drawings of buildings, slightly warped and a little scary looking, so why not follow her lead.

I changed my mind and decided to disassemble her packaging (sent from France, and including a French breakfast cereal box, ’Coco Pops’, for padding) and reassemble it in some clever way. The deconstructed/reconstructed would be my reply.Taking the large manila envelope I carefully opened the glued seams and laid it out flat on the table. Then I noticed the opened out envelope resembled an owl. I made a small book and posted it to her studio address. Unless I’ve really messed it up we intend to continue with this exchange.